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Health and Wellbeing for the workplace

Provides a confidential forum to discuss work and personal issues within the safety of a professional therapeutic relationship, the opportunity to develop agreed strategies and a mechanism for referral to ongoing support as required.

CoachingMoment - Albert van der Weide 1997 - Used with permission
Many people require coaching at some point in their career. At The Re-Vision Group, coaching for success in the workplace is an active and targeted intervention, which commonly includes the use of solution-focused and strengths-based models to maximize commitment and timely skill transfer back to the workplace. Ask about our new mindfulness- integrated coaching programs.

Groups and seminars
At the Re-Vision Group we can deliver seminars and run groups on a diverse range of topics including mindfulness, stress management, resilience, emotional intelligence, conflict, cultural diversity, change management and team-building.   Seminars are useful both as an introduction to a subsequent group process and as a stand-alone intervention for the dissemination of information where minimum interaction is required.   A group format maximises the opportunity for sharing of skills and experience and is more likely to lead to skill transfer back to the workplace.  In addition, the use of small groups can facilitate team building as an ancillary benefit to information dissemination.  

Mindfulness training
ImageMindfulness is a skill which can be learned without any prior knowledge or experience.
Mindfulness is an approach or way of being which increases the ability to focus attention in the present moment.  This is achieved over time as one learns to detach from thoughts including repetitive and troubling thoughts from the past, and concerns with the future.  
Increasing one’s ability to stay in the present moment enables more effective and enjoyable engagement in one’s life.

Mindfulness is an effective stress management tool
With practice mindfulness can help to reduce uncomfortable levels of reactivity to events in your life and over time tends to increase a sense of self mastery and control.

Mindfulness at The Re-Vision Group can be taught one-on-one or in group settings.  Please contact us for information about our next group or to book an individual appointment.

Core consulting program offerings are comprised of Change management, Development of Emotional intelligence, Surveys and Evaluation and Health and Well Being Programs. (For example, The Revision Group runs the Health and Well Being counselling service for members of the Victorian Bar and their families.)
In addition we can tailor solutions for workplace situations in which work-outcome focus is in jeopardy due to difficult people dynamics, underperformance, and other non-technical issues. Our experience, people skills and practical focus will ensure a timely and effective return to concentration on your core business.  

Health and Well Being at Home

Personal Counselling
Our counselling professionals will assist you to make sense of whatever troubling experience brings you to counselling and will provide you with the opportunity to develop agreed strategies within a totally confidential and safe environment.  Counselling often leads to a sense of renewal and excitement about oneself and one’s life.  These outcomes are achieved through the therapeutic relationship that will develop between you and your counsellor.
Medicare Rebates may apply, you will need a referral from your doctor.

For further information see

Positive and Playful Parenting
ImageStrategies to meet the ongoing challenges of parenting while learning anew how to engage with your children in a fun and creative manner and taking care of yourself at the same time. The process could include use of the following; the arts-based therapies, revisiting developmental milestones, narrative therapy, mindfulness in parenting and understanding the role of the brain in the development of interpersonal skills.

To book an appointment, call 03 9650 5540