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How can I encourage psychological well being in my workplace?

  • Is there information readily available about stress and mental health issues?  If not ask your HR person to address this gap.
  • Take any opportunity to communicate the benefits of help seeking behavior, including sharing your own experience
  • Don’t encourage behaviour that trivializes stress and mental health issues
  • Don’t encourage conversation which supports poor help seeking behavior, for  example, don't joke about using alcohol or non-prescribed medication as a way of coping 
  • If you find yourself having an overly strong negative reaction to someone in the workplace, think about your reaction.  Consider the possibility that the behavior is triggering an unresolved issue of yours.  If so, take the time to reflect on the situation and any similar past situations.  Seek professional help if you feel stuck. (Reactions may take the form of intense frustration, irritation and anger and excessive time thinking about the interaction, past interactions and potential future interactions.)
  • Be mindful of potential cries for help (see link below to Australian  Psychological Society for signs of serious distress)