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About us

The Re-Vision Group has been providing a range of psychological services to individuals, groups and corporate clients since 2003.  The services include counselling, coaching, seminars, group work, consulting and health and wellbeing initiatives including the Health and Wellbeing Counselling Service for the Victorian Bar.

The Re-Vision Group utilizes an associate network of  mature, highly experienced psychologists all of whom have a minimum of 5 years of experience providing workplace-based psychological services in addition to extensive counselling experience and other senior-level career histories. All Re-Vision group practitioners are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and bound by a Professional code of ethics to maintain the clients right to privacy. All practitioners are committed to respectfully, ethically and professionally delivering psychological services which promote the wellbeing of individuals. Other specialist service providers are used on an as needs basis.

Principal Psychologist
Bernadette Healy

Associate psychologists:
Merryn Snare
Tom Evans
Stuart Brinkworth

Support Staff:
Amy Erlandsen
Liam Healy


Bernadette Healy – BA. GradDipAppPsych. MAppPsych MA MAPs
Bernadette Healy is the director and principal psychologist of the Re-Vision Group. Bernadette has over twenty years experience working with individuals and groups in therapist, facilitator, coach, manager, lecturer and consultant roles within the corporate, government, higher education and NFP sectors.

Her industry experience is diverse including the financial, legal services, health and manufacturing sectors.  Bernadette has worked with individuals at all organizational levels including coaching at Board and CEO level, counselling senior professionals in legal, engineering, financial services and health fields, carrying out department-wide change management interventions and developing and facilitating long-term corporate projects such as the development of emotional intelligence and the implementation of health and well being initiatives. 

Bernadette has substantial expertise in counselling including assisting individuals with the troubling aspects of normal life such as stress, loss, conflict, relationship breakdown and times of change and lack of meaning in addition to extensive experience providing support and strategies in dealing with common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.  Strategies and approaches include mindfulness-integrated cognitive behavior therapy (MiCBT), motivational interviewing, stress-management techniques, solution-focused and strengths-based approaches and interpersonal psychotherapy. 
Bernadette is part of the Partnership in Healing program – a joint venture between the Australian Psychological Society and Connecting Home Victoria (representing members of the stolen generation). This work provides scope for the use of Bernadette’s specialist training in the Arts Therapies and in Narrative Therapy.  

Bernadette has over 15 years experience in group facilitation.  Recent groups include mindfulness training and personal reflection.  Currently a new initiative targeting family groups is being developed.  Bernadette is a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Bernadette was the recipient of an Australian Psychological Society award for academic excellence.


Merryn Snare – B. Spec. Ed.; Grad. Dip. Ed. Psych.; M. Psych., MAPS.
Merryn is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience in assisting individuals with both personal and work-related issues. Areas of particular interest include: anxiety and stress, phobia, communication skills, parenting, self esteem, relationships both personal and work-related, work-life balance, team dynamics, grief and critical incident response.

Merryn tailors her counselling according to each client’s needs. Relaxation techniques, psycho-education and cognitive-behavioural approaches are integral parts of treatment.  Merryn also has training in Critical Incident Stress Management, clinical hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Bereavement Counselling.

Merryn has experience as a private clinician, and has also worked in both government and private organizations, including VicRoads, Australian Federal Police, TAC, RACV, and Bristol-Myers Squib. She has worked in organisations providing both on-site and off-site models of Employee Assistance Programs, team development, manager training and manager support, and has also worked with the Bridges Trauma Counselling program for sexually abused children and adolescents, and a variety of educational settings. Merryn is also a Registered Teacher, who has worked extensively in both mainstream and special education, assisting learning-delayed, intellectually impaired, communication impaired, autistic, and students with challenging behaviours.

Psychological Services:

  • Counselling -
    • Personal
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Anxiety, Panic & Depression – relaxation, desensitization, CBT
    • Grief & Loss
    • Challenging behaviour
    • Relationships
    • Sexual/Emotional Abuse
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
    • Hypnosis
    • Employee Assistance Programs provider
  • On-site and sessional models
  • Trauma Response
    • Critical Incident Stress Management
    • Defusing and Debriefing
    • Counselling
    • Training
  • Psycho-Educational assessments and reporting
  • Programs aimed at strengthening academic performance devised and implemented
    • Focus on enhancing self-esteem
    • Developmental skills acquisition
  • Consultation with families and school personnel
  • Remedial tuition – program implementation
  • Presentation of training programs – (Education, Corporate)
  • Training assistance (assessment implementation) for Special Education Consultants and Educational Psychologists

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Tom Evans
- GradDipPsych, BSc(Hons) (Melb)
Tom Evans is a registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience providing psychological therapies for individuals, and groups. Tom is trained in a variety of approaches including solution-focused and interpersonal psychotherapy which are most amenable to short-term counselling. He has a particular interest in issues of depression, anxiety, and interpersonal issues, life-stage transitions, and occupational stress. He also has an interest in analytical psychology for longer-term work with clients.

Tom also has had a broad base experience working in organisational settings providing trauma response, counselling and supervision to organisations such as police, state and federal government agencies, and health and welfare agencies. As well as psychological therapy, Tom also has experience as a trainer, supervisor and facilitator of small groups and enjoys the interaction and growth of the learning process.

Tom is married with three children and enjoys music and singing, his garden, and running.


Stuart Brinkworth- BSc(Psych).Hons

Stuart Brinkworth is an experienced Counselling Psychologist registered with Medicare. He specialises in the treatment of adults (and young adults) with the following issues:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress management
  • grief and loss
  • relationship difficulties
  • self esteem
  • mid-life issues
  • addictions
  • parenting issues

He has successfully improved clients’ assertiveness and sense of self worth. Stuart has also had extensive experience with workplace related issues such as: bullying and harassment, managing conflict, coping with change and loss of interest in work.

Stuart aims to develop a warm, genuine, empathetic and professional therapeutic alliance with his clients; with a committed approach to proactive communication with all appropriate health care providers and referring doctors.

With over 15 years experience as a Counsellor / Psychologist, Stuart has a special interest in men’s psychological health, especially in relation to ‘mid life crisis’ points and more recently in the area of women’s ‘mid life’ crises. He has provided popular key note presentations, individual counselling and strategic input into the stress management and weight management programs at Warburton Health Resort.

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Amy Erlandsen- B.Bus(marketing) B.Psych.Hons.

Amy's combined business and psychology skills set helps to ensure that key organizational issues are addressed without losing sight of the core business  - the delivery of pychological services.  Amy's calm, efficient and kind manner fosters confidence and trust in our clients which helps us build our successful business relationships.  

Liam Healy

Liam provides a wealth of computer know-how and systems thinking to the organization.  In addition his commitment to discretion and an easy-going and unflappable stlye helps to maintain an organizational climate conducive to respectful and responsive service-delivery.